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Warehouse LED Application

With industries that range from basic warehousing to high-end robotic manufacturing facilities, NovaLux LED Warehouse Lighting luminaries can do it all.  These fixtures help increase your essential point by producing lower operating cost and less down time due to maintenance issues.

Maintenance Free

If you manage a building which has a maintenance contract, you can greatly reduce your bills because LED carry such a long shelf life they are maintenance free and you don’t have to pay contractors to replace bulbs on a regular basis.

Return On Investment

With such a large reduction in energy bills, some lighting upgrades can facilitate a return on investment in as little as 6 months in some circumstances. This length of time can be calculated for each project prior to deciding on the upgrade options.

Improved Light Quality

In any LED lighting upgrade, optimal light quality should be at the forefront of any installation. Over time different wattage and style bulbs may be used in a standard light fitting, when you upgrade you can be sure the appropriate light levels required for optimal light quality.

Showcase the Installation

If the building receiving the upgraded is residential or commercial, it can be an important factor when attracting to potential buyers and when discussing energy bills. This is also the case in meeting the needs and expectations of current tenants or owners.

Environment Friendly

When you step back from all of the financial benefits of upgrading to LED, it’s also worth remembering that you are making a genuine positive impact to the environment by consuming less energy.

Financial Reward

Buildings today that have not upgraded to energy reduced lighting typically spend on average 30-40% of their electrical bill in this area. If you use a 50w bulb and reduce to 5w, then you reduce energy consumption by 90% and your electrical spend reduces significantly.

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Business Campuses, Retail Parking Lots, and some municipal roadway lighting is illuminated by traditional shoe box style gas based bulbs.

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The NovaLux LED High Bay comes in a variety of wattages, input voltages, and lens configurations. The fixture comes standard with a warranty.

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The LED Explosion Proof series was developed to remove and replace current gas based lighting systems in many heavy industrial applications.

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The MOTUS is a revolt against traditional shoe box and area lights. The fixture is offered in 8 different wattages, CCT, and distributions.

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