LED Motus Lighting Details:

The MOTUS is a revolt against traditional shoe box and area lights. The NovaLux MOTUS fixture is offered in 8 different wattages, 3 different CCT, and 15 different light distributions. But, its best feature, making it the ultimate problem solver, is the adjustable slip-fitter arm and the mounting bracket supplied with the fixture. These two features allow this light to tackle any exterior lighting application because it is capable of being mounted to a pole or a wall, or used as a slip-fitter without the bracket. Delivering an average efficacy of 125 lumens per watt, this fixture has lumen outputs exceeding 39,000 lumens. It has a 65,000-hour rating to L85 and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The LED MOTUS is perfect for lighting parking lots, building facades, billboards, walking paths, and so much more. Join the revolt and deploy a MOTUS!